Critical mistakes when choosing the man

The expert will tell about three most important female mistakes and also about those prerequisites which push to commission of these deadlock courses.

Beautiful fairy tale: they met and in 2 weeks undersigned. Of course, I do not sweep aside the probability of a happy occurrence: there are luckiest who only once in life, having bought the lottery ticket, sometimes break a jackpot. But what probability of it for you? Whether it is worth relying on madam success in the choice of the man for the rest of life?

Karen Pamelano will tell about three most important mistakes when choosing the man and also about those prerequisites which push to commission of these deadlock courses.

It is important to tell that many women just lower a choice stage. Meeting the man, they decide for themselves at once that this he! Begin to build a relationship with the one someone was thrown accidentally by destiny and someone has a two-three of very attractive qualities. But they do not think of an underwater part of an iceberg which, as a rule, and solves, whether to be to happiness in this relationship.

It is similar to the fact that you come to shop behind boots, and there only one couple. You are enough it quicker, joyfully bring home, and it appears, they neither the size, nor design do not suit you. But it is necessary to put on. You suffer, erase legs and tearfully suffer until at once you hesitate to throw out them in a fit of temper: yes, it is best barefoot!

Let it is dishonest to compare such unequal things, but take a look at the roots: let’s talk about how not to remain barefoot and with callosities how to make a choice of the man qualitative, having bypassed potential traps.

3 main mistakes when choosing the man

1. Choosing wrong prospects for long term relationships

Actually, it is also the main reason of the broken hearts, wet pillows and one and a half hour nervous calls for girlfriends in night. Why we choose not those? Even one fine detail can influence it. For example, you put to yourself in consciousness special sign of “prince” – from a birthmark at the left eyebrow to the dentist profession – and accidentally found in the first comer. Or it hooked on you some phrase, and you decided that it cannot be missed for anything. But only over time you will understand, these signs of destiny in comparison with … the whole destiny are how insignificant. My council here idle time: if you allocated the man from the others, try to build up with him a short-term relationship. But it does not mean that it is necessary to jump to him in a bed at once or to prepare under a wreath.

Look narrowly, analyze as the man is shown in relation to you, probe his nature and behavior in different life situations (let it will be dense communication not longer than 2.5 months – usually it enough by thorough examination of the candidate). Only in this case you will be able to weigh everything “for and against” continuation of a relationship with it.

girl on a date

2. Premature choice

When you start falling in love you begin “to stick” to the man, in every possible way show interest and nod towards a marriage. In this case the man relaxes, seeing that a birdie already in a cage, and it becomes boring for him. Let’s your communication “infuse”, slightly delay that moment when you belong only to this man, without pushing away him up to the end.

Show that else you think, you look narrowly, control flow of emotions if the man to you very to liking. You tease with impossibility to be with it in touch day and night: sometimes vanish from a look, going about the own business, give it the chance to call and write the first, winning you.

3. Active female position

The woman carries out too tough choice, chopping off those men who, according to her, do not resemble at once. On the experience I quite often should not literally persuade women to sweep aside men who for any given frivolous reason did not light fire in their heart.