Reasons why men take longer to respond to messages

The psychologist and the writer Danny Soleman revealed the reasons as of why men doesn’t like to exchange messages a lot.

Messages without a reply – as they are capable to enrage. Infinite expectations when he at last deigns to respond on your message. You already composed the text in several thousands of signs, and it cannot even be limited to persons on duty “Darling is very busy. I will answer a bit later”.

You understand that message is delivered, long ago is read, from it the irritation only amplifies. Here you already go up and down as a lioness, about the room and you think out to yourself it that it is even terrible to present.

    “Stop! You do not hurry to draw conclusions. The reasons of silence and the truth can be absolutely different and everything is not always as bad as it seems. Though when long answers become a habit and the man begins to treat it as to norm, something becomes heavy to be changed subsequently” – Danny Soleman assures.

man with phone

5 main reasons why men do not respond to messages right away.

He is busy

“Girls, I understand that when you have a question, you want to receive on it the answer at once, – the Danny says. – I understand that sometimes it cannot wait, but in life there is such concept as employment. And it not coincidence, is concrete employment. For business men absolute norm in operating time – to work, but not to fray by phone with the friend, to run in a smoking-room every five minutes, to be picked social networks and messengers. It at work. All the rest for it will be again. Women who are married to workaholics or business people perfectly understand what I speak about. And it is valid, even after reading your message it will postpone the answer on more favorable and off-duty time”.


And this reason can be less pleasant, but is very relevant for those who really hide the official standing from the next woman. Especially it concerns the days off and evening. Well at work it still somehow will get out, and here houses locked in a toilet or in a bathroom especially will not sit. The vigilant wife perfectly sees the changed character of the husband and a frequent privacy with phone. At some point he will begin to leave the password-protected phone in a visible place at home to calm the spouse, and all of you it is more and will observe more temporary pause in yours with it to correspondence. And, of course, on each pause you will be given the intelligible and convincing answer. Though the intelligibility of his answers sharply passes into the category of visible and silly excuses, once the woman understands that the man was married.

Ignores you

The elementary and simple reason which comprises all signs of indifference. You not so strongly interested him therefore you in his vital focus especially do not exist. Here is how will only be impatient, it is obligatory for you and will answer, and itself will gather, and will very quickly take advantage of the opportunity, but the reason will be one here: today you his victim. And then everything will return into place again, and indifference will proceed.


Do you know how the principle of a swing is arranged? At first you push away them from yourself. And then they and already without your efforts with you approach fast speed. In the modern world this principle is used as the instrument of manipulation with one other. You send the man a message, he deliberately does not answer you for a long period of time, that artificially creating the importance and necessity. To everything you still begin to be nervous, endure plus and eventually the first begin to keep ringing to it. And it means that the effect of a swing works. Pushed away far away you, and you with high speed returned to it back. Notice! As a result of the relation turn into a game where you obviously begin to lose on all fronts and you fall into a certain dependence on his attention to you.

Unclear message for him

Here I can support men as I sometimes receive the message from the spouse which should be understood, but still. And I do not answer to such message immediately. Well, first, what, silly, I cannot understand what there it’s all about? And here pride does not allow to ask sometimes: “I don’t get it?” Well and by that on unclear message, the answer drags on. I can perfectly see that with any man. We need to process information. Just try asking Cameraboys anything and you will see what I mean.

What to answer?

Well and one more objective reason – it is valid to understand it: and what to answer? If the man did not get used to unsubscribe, and got used to give thoroughly and capaciously answers (as a rule, such skill is fixed among men in a business environment), then he will not write you nonsense. It will really twist the text in the head and, having thought up and having weighed it, will issue for itself(himself) the most checked and reasonable answer.

Final council

As you can see, circumstances can be absolutely different, and, most likely, there are tens more of the small reasons why the man long does not answer on you to the message. The main thing – in all this to understand the reason and already further to solve for itself and as far as you it suits and whether it for you is the vital complexity contradicting your principles and values.